As a child, some of my earliest memories are of baking with both my nan and nanna, chuck in my ridiculous sweet tooth and there’s no way I wouldn’t have grown up without a passion for baking. 


I have always been one to express myself creatively, dabbling in art and drawing (insert ‘paint a mural on a friends van’ here). Once I realised I could explore colours and textures and my love for creativity through baking, it was obvious that this line of work has always been my calling.


As a self proclaimed perfectionist, I am always trying to set the bar higher than before. The excitement I get from every new project - pushing myself to execute even the most challenging of designs results in an unending journey which is a constant source of joy, always achieving and evolving in style.


I am proud to be a woman in business, so much of my heart goes into what I do. At the moment, Barker Bakes really is the epitome of a family business consisting of just my hubby and preteen (official taste testers and occasional delivery drivers), my little baby (apprentice Ainsley) and myself (chief baker, decorator, kitchen hand, dishy, delivery driver, bookkeeper, accountant, social media manager, admin extraordinaire…. and the list goes on).

My happy place is in the kitchen, and I hope you see that in every piece that I create.